Discover the Best Gas-Powered Golf Carts

There has been a tremendous revolution in the golf cart industry recently. It has evolved from being “green cars” to practical alternatives for everyday mobility across various landscapes. With so many options, gas golf carts have become increasingly popular because of their speed, range, and adaptability.

In this article, we will review three great gas models from the top golf cart brands. These carts include the Club Car Onward, E-Z-GO S4, and Yamaha Drive 2.

Different Gas Golf Cart Motor Choices

If you know carts, you know how important their engines are. No matter the motor type, you need to be careful while choosing it, whether twin cylinders or single ones, the 4-stroke design of these engines makes them more environmentally friendly and less noisy than their 2-stroke predecessors.

These motors typically have horsepower (HP) ratings between 10 and 14. More horsepower means more ability to climb steep inclines and carry more weight. Another essential characteristic is the torque, or pulling power.

Gas carts have more power than electric ones, so they are better for rough terrain and different hills. So a gas-powered cart is ideal if you use your cart somewhere with steep inclines, like a boat ramp.

Club Car Onward

The Club Car Onward is an excellent illustration of a gas golf cart that excels in all three categories. The Onward has plenty of power and torque because of its Subaru 404cc engine, which produces 14 horsepower. The carts good fuel efficiency and lower emissions come from its OHC layout and EFI technology.

The regular onward is great when it’s being used on level ground, such as at a golf course, in a subdivision, or at a campground. However, if you’re using it on rougher terrain, you may need a lifted golf cart, and the raised Onward is an excellent choice. The independent suspension, larger tires, and higher ground clearance ensure stability on rocky terrain.

Club car onward

Yamaha UMAX

Yamaha also produces another noteworthy model in the UMAX. Powerful performance can be expected from this utility cart thanks to its Yamaha 402cc engine. In addition, the UMAX’s spacious cargo bed and several storage compartments make it a convenient vehicle for transporting materials and tools.

The UMAX is at its best while working in harsh environments, such as on farms, building sites, or for commercial use in industrial areas. It’s stable and easy to maneuver in rough terrain thanks to its beefy suspension, increased ground clearance, and larger tires. As a result, the UMAX is a strong contender for the role of heavy-duty cart.


Another premium gas power golf cart option is the E-Z-GO S4. E-Z-GO’s S4 gas golf cart is a real powerhouse, packing a hefty 13.5 horsepower with its robust 401 ccs, 4-cycle engine. 

The generous wheelbase measures approximately 5.5 feet, with both the front and rear wheel tracks being about 3.2 feet.

It also has a sizable gas tank, capable of holding almost 6 gallons of fuel. The drivetrain uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT) known for its smooth and powerful performance. And let’s not forget the frame – crafted from welded steel and finished with an E-coat & DuraShield powder coat, it’s built to resist the rigors of use and time. When it comes to gas golf carts with 4 seats, the S4 is tough to beat. 

E-Z-Go S4 gas golf

Yamaha Drive 2

The Yamaha Drive 2 is a high-quality golf cart that excels in all three categories. It is powered by a 357cc Yamaha single-cylinder engine that is both efficient and powerful. Yamaha’s Quietech EFI tech makes the engine noise minimal, giving it a calm and peaceful ride.

The Drive 2 is a multipurpose cart that can be used on a variety of surfaces, but it really shines in golf course conditions. The high-quality features of strut suspension and the largest contoured seats in its class combine to make this vehicle one of the most stable and comfortable option available.

Club Car XRT

The Club Car XRT, a true workhorse among gas golf carts, comes up next. The smallest model in the XRT lineup is the XRT 800, which has a 14-horsepower Subaru engine, and the largest is the XRT 1550, which has a 21-horsepower Subaru engine.

Carts from the XRT series are built to handle rough terrain and substantial payloads. Their corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and lightweight designs contribute to their excellent stopping power. The XRT 1550 is great for tough terrain or hard work in particular because it has 4-wheel drive.


A gas golf cart’s motor, terrain, and intended application are all factors to think about.

Keep in mind that gas carts have many more uses than merely on the course. They are useful as personal transportation inside of gated communities, on farms, and on off-road routes. They need oil changes, spark plug replacements, and air filter cleanings much like any other gas-powered vehicle,  but one big pro is you won’t have to worry about changing out cart batteries. 

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