The Commercial Utility of Golf Carts

When one thinks of golf carts, an image of a sunny day on the golf course, tees, and putting greens often comes to mind. Yet, these compact vehicles offer much more than mere transportation between golf holes. Their versatility, eco-friendly nature, and cost-effectiveness have seen them adapted for various commercial uses far removed from their original purpose. Let’s explore the myriad of ways golf carts are being used commercially in different places around the world.

Tourism and Sightseeing

Tour operators in many parts of the world use limo golf carts(6 or 8 seater golf cart) for guided tours, especially in pedestrian-friendly areas or where larger vehicles may not have access. These include historical sites, beachfronts, vineyards, and even zoos. Golf carts offer a more intimate, open-air experience, allowing tourists to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings. Their quiet operation also minimizes noise pollution, contributing to a peaceful tour experience.

Industrial and Warehouse Use

Golf carts have found a home in warehouses and large industrial complexes, where they’re used for moving people, equipment, and light cargo. They are perfect for such settings as they’re agile, easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and can be operated safely at low speeds. Their low maintenance and operational costs help make them an economical choice for these businesses.

Golf cart in industrial area

Healthcare Facilities

At large hospitals and healthcare facilities, golf carts are employed to transport patients and medical equipment swiftly. They’re particularly useful in expansive hospital campuses where immediate transportation could be crucial. They can also be used to assist visitors and staff, making daily operations more efficient.

Security and Law Enforcement

Security personnel use golf carts for patrolling in many gated communities, public parks, and commercial establishments. Quiet operation and small size make them non-intimidating, creating a friendlier image of security for discreet surveillance. Police use golf carts in busy areas, public events, or pedestrian zones where regular police cars aren’t suitable.

Food and Beverage Industry

Golf carts are also being transformed into mobile food and beverage stations, serving everything from hot dogs to cocktails. This is particularly popular at outdoor events or tourist hotspots, where a traditional food establishment may not be feasible. The adaptability of golf carts makes them perfect for this unique commercial use.

Environmental and Conservation Efforts

Golf carts are increasingly used in conservation areas and nature parks. They provide a means of transport that is low-impact, quiet and does not significantly disturb the wildlife or damage the environment. Rangers and researchers often use them for fieldwork, patrols, or to transport visitors. In these areas an electric utility golf cart is usually the cart of choice.

Real Estate

Real estate agents have begun utilizing golf carts to show prospective buyers around large property developments or gated communities. They offer a more personal and relaxed viewing experience, and their slow pace allows for a better appreciation of the properties and amenities.

Event Management

From music festivals to trade shows, golf carts are common at large-scale events. They help move equipment, ferry performers or guests around the venue, and even aid security personnel in their patrols. The carts can be quickly adapted to suit specific needs, such as carrying heavy equipment. Moreover, units with a golf cart utility bed or flip-down rear seats are ideal for uses like providing a mobile platform for cameras and other technology. 

Golf cart at event

Airport Operations

Another surprising yet effective use of golf carts is in airports. With their sprawling architecture, airports often require rapid, efficient transport within the premises.

Golf carts are great for moving people, especially those who have trouble walking, and for carrying bags and small items. As a result, they help ensure smooth operations and a better passenger experience. Since their is much space to cover in most airports you’ll need a gas golf cart in most cases.

Facilities Management

Golf carts are used extensively for facilities management in large establishments such as malls, stadiums, or office complexes. They transport cleaning and maintenance crews around the property, carry tools and equipment, and assist in waste management. They contribute significantly to the efficient running of such facilities.

Bottom Line

Golf carts are now used in various industries like healthcare, hospitality, tourism, and event management, not just for golfing. They are versatile and help improve efficiency.

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