ICON Electric Vehicles: Driving the Future

For some, the word “golf cart” might conjure up images of a lazy day on the golf course, with the gentle hum of wheels rolling across manicured lawns and golf clubs jingling in the back. But in today’s world, driven by the ambitious spirit of companies like ICON Electric Vehicles, golf carts are more than just that.

Today, golf carts are robust, versatile, and undeniably stylish modes of transportation that are redefining short-distance mobility. Let’s take a look at the dynamic journey of ICON EV.

A Brief Overview of ICON Electric Vehicles

ICON Electric Vehicles was founded in 2017 in sunny Tampa, Florida. They’ve been racing ahead ever since, quite literally, to become a trailblazer in the golf cart industry.

What started out as a small operation producing just 20 golf carts per month has exploded into a major manufacturer producing over 2,000 carts every month! ICON now has four major US distribution centers, and they’re planning to open two more in 2022/2023. ICON’s growth story is nothing short of phenomenal.

ICON’s success is no accident. They’ve been paying close attention to the evolving needs of golf cart users. They’ve realized that many people never take their carts to a golf course, so they’ve shifted their design approach.

ICON now focuses on crafting carts that are perfect for neighborhoods, farms, professional spaces, and more.

A Snapshot of ICON’s Models

ICON has a versatile lineup tailored to meet all your needs! Choose from a range of exceptional ICON electric golf cart models, including the i20, i40, i60, and i80. Whether you seek a cozy 2 seater or spacious 8 seater golf cart, ICON has the perfect fit for you.

Looking for added flexibility? ICON offers lifted golf carts and utility golf carts, ideal for those craving extra elevation or requiring a utility bed for commercial use or property maintenance. Plus, experience enhanced comfort with specialized versions of the i40 and i60, featuring all-forward-facing seating configurations. 

icon i60l golf cart

What Makes ICON Stand Out?

More features for less money. That’s not just a motto for ICON EV golf carts, it’s their DNA.

By optimizing their production and distribution chains, ICON offers unbeatable pricing. But the real triumph lies in marrying affordability with unparalleled value. ICON carts are robust, loaded with features, and incredibly affordable compared the other top golf cart brands. 

Number-Code Significance: The numeric in the model name indicates seat capacity. For instance, ’20’ means 2 seats, while ’40’ is golf carts with 4 seats.

Letter-Code Significance: Any letter following the number denotes special features. ‘L’ indicates a lifted variant, while ‘U’ denotes utility use.

The i60L is the a ICON 6 seater golf cart. On the other hand, the ICON i20U is a smaller 2 seater golf cart with a utility bed.

Top Features of ICON Golf Carts

While ICON’s pricing is a massive draw, it’s their unparalleled features that seal the deal:

  • 3-Year Warranty: Peace of mind comes standard with every purchase.
  • Street Legal: Navigate most U.S. states with confidence, thanks to compliance.
  • Traction-Focused Wheels: Go where you please without a second thought.
  • 48-Volt Toyota Motor: Reliable power from a brand known for durability.
  • Included Customization: Make it yours with a plethora of personal touches.
  • Complete Light Set: Comprehensive light system including DRLs, brake lights, turn signals, and more
  • Safety First with Seat Belts: Keeping you and your passengers secure.
  • Digital Dashboards: With Digital Speedometer Display, you have all the information you need, right at your fingertips.
  • Zero Maintenance Batteries: Set it, forget it, and just enjoy the ride!
  • 4-wheel Disc Brakes: Advanced features.
  • Premium interiors: Including high-quality seats, upgraded steering, and more.
icon i40 golf cart

High-Value at Competitive Pricing

One of the standout aspects of ICON golf carts is their aggressive pricing. Despite their relative newness in the market, they haven’t compromised on quality. While big players like E-Z-GO and Yamaha have their merits, ICON golf cart prices, starting at a base price of just $8,499 for the i20 model, present undeniable value.

The price spectrum stretches from the i20’s base model to the i80, priced at $12,999. Remember, these are base prices, and customizations can alter the final cost.

In the face of such competition, the emergence of similar products from other brands was inevitable. Yet, ICON’s authentic approach continues to set them apart.

Conclusion: Your Ride, Your Style

Golf carts have changed to meet modern needs, thanks to companies like ICON. If you’re seeking a blend of style, utility, and affordability, ICON’s range promises a ride tailored for you. Interested in owning one? Head over to CartFinder and shop our inventory of new and used ICON golf carts for sale.