Choosing the Best Electric Golf Cart: Our Top Picks

Choosing the best electric golf cart can be a daunting task, given the multitude of options available in the market. Whether you’re looking for a feature-packed cart or a simple, reliable model to navigate the course, there’s a perfect electric option waiting for you.

This guide explores some of the best electric golf carts on the market, helping you find the perfect ride. We’ll highlight our top recommendations for new electric golf carts, focusing on key features, benefits, and pricing. Additionally, we’ll touch on some of our top picks for used electric carts to help you make an informed decision. Read on to discover the best electric golf carts that combine performance, comfort, and style.

E-Z-GO Liberty

The Liberty is one of the latest innovations in the storied E-Z-GO lineup. This unit is E-Z-GO’s first to feature four forward-facing seats. The Liberty is powered by a maintenance-free Samsung SDI lithium battery. The battery comes with an 8-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

red ezgo liberty electric golf cart

You can choose from three different packages when purchasing a Liberty: the Links, Commuter, and Explorer. Each option comes standard with features such as lighted cupholders, a premium steering wheel, LED headlights, brake lights, USB ports, a glove box, mats, and the option for an infotainment system. The Commuter package offers upgraded wheels and turn signals, while the Explorer package includes rugged tires and a brush guard.

If you decide on a Liberty, you can expect to pay around $15,000 to $18,000, depending on how its outfitted.

Club Car Tempo Lithium-Ion

The next cart on our list is a staple on many premier golf courses across the country due to its reputation as one of the most reliable and top-rated electric golf carts. The Tempo’s lithium-ion battery was originally developed for the auto industry with high performance in mind. This cart easily holds a charge for multiple rounds. When you need a recharge, the fast charging times ensure you’re back on the course as soon as possible.

Club Car’s fleet management solution not only allows courses to track their fleet by automatically slowing carts down, keeping them out of hazards, setting designated paths, and more, but it also offers golfers access to a new 10” LCD display that shows yardages, detailed green maps, slopes, and more on a full-screen 3D resolution touchscreen.

Starting at $9,750, the Tempo Lithium-Ion could be just the cart you need to navigate the course.

Yamha Drive 2 – PTV

The Yamaha Drive 2 PTV stands out as one of the best rated electric golf carts available today. This top-notch unit combines reliability and luxury, making it perfect for golfing or cruising around your neighborhood.

Many of the typical add-ons are available with the Yamaha Drive 2 PTV, such as a flip-down rear seat, LED headlights and taillights, an audio system, USB connections, a brush guard, and more. However, Yamaha also offers numerous customization options for the Drive 2. If you’re looking to hit the course, you can purchase add-ons like a club/ball washer, a cooler or sand kit, and a golf bag cover to keep your clubs dry.

When choosing the Drive 2, you have the option between a set of Trojan lead-acid batteries or a RoyPow Lithium-Ion battery with up to 105 AMP hours. The Yamaha website highlights that this is the only lithium-ion cart with independent rear suspension. The lead-acid option starts at $10,161, while the lithium model starts at around $12,616.

E-Z-GO Valor

Similar to the Yamaha Drive 2, the Valor is an excellent choice for those looking for a cart to play golf or simply cruise around the community. Four 12-volt lead-acid deep-cycle batteries power this 48-volt unit.

black ezgo valor electric golf cart

The Valor has an independent front suspension, LED headlights and taillights, a state of charge meter, a convex mirror, and a premium steering wheel. Additionally, it features automotive-style pedals with an automatic parking brake.

This unit comes at a great value with a starting MSRP of $8,649.

Icon i40

The ICON i40 four-seater golf cart is an excellent choice for those seeking a feature-rich cart at a competitive price, generally ranging from $9,000 to $12,000. For those looking for a great starter cart, the i40-ECO model is available in the $7,000 to $8,000 range. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it offers excellent value.

There are several different configurations of the i40. You can choose between a lifted and non-lifted version, with options for all seats facing forward or a flip-down rear seat.

These units come with a range of premium features. They include 10″ aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, a powder-coated steel chassis, lights, turn signals, high-speed rear ends, durable front and rear bumpers, painted rooftops, horns, digital gauges, and onboard battery chargers.

The ICON i40 comes standard with (6) 8V sealed maintenance-free AGM batteries. As of the writing of this article, they offer an optional upgrade to a 51V 105AH Eco Lithium Battery.

MadJax X series

The X Series is the newest addition to the list, made by Nivel, a top manufacturer of parts and accessories. True to its pedigree, this unit is brimming with top-of-the-line features. These include the distinctive Storm body design, premium wheel selections, LED front and rear lights, and self-canceling directional turn signals, among others.

Inside the cart, you’ll find even more features to enjoy. There’s a 10-inch display, a handy rearview camera, built-in speakers, and a customizable multi-color lighting kit controllable through the MadJax app. Plus, if you need more audio power, you can opt for the 36″ Bazooka sound bar upgrade.

The non-lifted X Series begins at $12,495, with lifted options starting at $12,995. As of 2024, all X Series carts come exclusively with an industry-leading ECO Lithium Battery. Additionally, you have the freedom to select from a range of vibrant color options to suit your style.

Used Electric Carts to Consider

If you’re in search of something more budget-friendly, there’s a plethora of reliable used electric golf carts on the market. Recommended models include the Club Car Precedent, Club Car DS, E-Z-GO TXT, E-Z-GO RXV, and the Yamaha G-29.

What’s great about these models is the abundance of aftermarket features and accessories available for customization. However, when considering the price, it’s essential to check the battery age, as replacing batteries can be a significant expense that should be factored into the sale price.


In conclusion, exploring electric golf carts doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. In our guide, we’ve highlighted top choices from both established and emerging brands, each offering its own advantages. Whether you prioritize performance, luxury, or affordability, there’s a perfect electric golf cart out there for you. And for those seeking budget-friendly options, the used market provides reliable choices with plenty of opportunities for customization.

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